Adding status update to tasks in Teambox Chrome Notifier extension

I've been using the Chrome/Chromium Teambox extension for a while and I thought in some changes that makes it more useful to me.

The developer of this extension has done a good job and a good start for adding more features in the future. Actually Teambox Notifier shows your last activity entries such as tasks, conversations, etc.

I found it useful, but I thought it could be better for my needs with some simple functionality. First I'm thinking about putting a selector in all tasks in the activities list and make a put request to change the state of a task so you don't have to enter in Teambox site to do it.

I hadn't enough time to finish it and now I'm having a 500 Internal Server Error when doing a PUT request, so I'm waiting for an answer of the Teambox support team. At least I'm improving my javascript skills, the main goal of this improvement. :-)

You'll be able of following my progress (bad or good) at :-)

Javier Aguirre

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