Second week in the saas-class

I've finished the first assignment! Yesterday I had a score of 82/500, but today having enough time to complete everything I get 500/500. :-)

The exercises were easy but I took some time to refresh some things like binary trees search with recursion and more stuff. This first assignment was a perfect start with Ruby, five different exercises that explore different parts of the language.

I prefer the fifth one, because we entered in the magic of classes in Ruby and that's always fun in all languages! it consists in building an attribute of a class with history that tracks old values of an attribute of that class, we have to write a method inside Class class to do it.

Next week we will start with Ruby On Rails, the MVC Web Framework.

I was thinking in some web service that I could need to build it with Ruby on Rails, just to learn and practice for the next week of the course. Could be interesting for me a place to store that code snippets I use, and tag them so I could search for them later, I think I'll do that.

Next week I'll share the most interesting exercises of the assignment. :-)

Javier Aguirre

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