Yesterday I knew about jekyll, I have been testing and using pelican for a while in development mode but some things didn't fit my blog needs. Jekyll is a static pages generator, so you can write your posts in almost any kind of markdown syntax, and then running jekyll command it builds your web application (in my case, a blog).

Lucky me, it has a wider community than pelican, so I decided to give it a try. In a few time I had my old blog content migrated thanks to the WordpressDotCom plugin contained in the jekyll app, and a great responsive design thanks to the jekyll-bootstrap project.

Now, I don't have to maintain a database neither worry about security issues concerning wordpress, a git repository at github is my database, how nice and secure for me. :-)

You could also have some plugins to build functionality when you run jekyll. I have used a plugin for related posts using your own tags.

Jekyll is written in Ruby, language that I like, so I could tweak it to my needs easily if I have to. I also have the deployment solved just adding a new remote repository to my local copy and a bare repo inside my server, it's a win-win. :-)

To serve the static content I just use Nginx.

You have all the documentation needed to get it working in the links above.