Well, they are more code snippets than plugins, but it was easy to integrate it inside my static web blog, using just JSONP calls. I think the Twitter API I'm using could be deprecated soon, but it worked for me by now, so it stays as is for a few time. I will separate the two elements (twitter/github plugins) from the default view just to make easier the copy and tweak of this code in your jekyll projects.

I'm using basic jQuery in this example, so it shouldn't be difficult to get it working in your service even if you don't have much javascript background.

For twitter syntax highlighter I've reused a function I did for Sabrosous and it worked pretty well. :-)

I've also modified some things from the tag_list page, I think there were too much tags so I've limited the list to tags that has more than a post linked.

I'm really happy for the change from Wordpress to Jekyll, I love Git and now I manage every part of the content from a Git repository, really cool and easy. :-)