I've been busy these last two weeks, just exploring the country I live in. We've also visited other cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam so my personal projects are improving slowly now.

Although I have three new ideas, two of them currently in development, the other come out today, so it's just nothing yet. All of them cover some needs I realised I have. The first was the album gallery, I wanted to share photos with my family in Spain, I was using Flickr until I reached the 200 photos limit (didn't know Flickr had it). I didn't want to pay for this service because I barely used it in the past and I'm paying two servers for personal use, so I thought the best solution could be having a static gallery generator using my actual directory gallery tree to define navigation, that's what I did finally. I didn't like any of the projects I checked to solve the problem, because they were too big for what I wanted or for other reasons.

I found something what was aproximately what I wanted, but last week I finished rewriting almost everything(there were a few lines of code). The project uses now Jinja2 to generate everything and doesn't have any framework or standalone server like the project I forked from(It uses Flask).

The second project I thought I need is a Dutch translator for important documents, like contracts and this kind of things. The application has two parts, we could take a photo with the device camera and then get the text using OCR technology (in this case Google's tesseract library using NDK to build a Java Library). The second part is sending the text to Google Translator API (Paid API) and then returning the text translated. This project is really useful for me in the Netherlands but I don't see a commercial exit for it because is completely dependent in Google API. Anyone who wants to use the API has to pay 20$ per 1 million words, something difficult to control and with high risk of getting people frustrated using the app (because most of them couldn't know this issue).

I will talk about the third project soon, it's related with OpenStreetMap.