So much reading!

When I was in Madrid I didn't have enough time to do nothing during the week.
I work less hours here and now that I don't have a job I spend some hours programming
and reading, technical books and literature.

Our habits have changed here in The Netherlands, now we have more time in the afternoon,
we watch less series and we read more. All our books are now digital because when we moved we
needed to control the space and weight of our suitcases, we left all our books in Spain and now
my girlfriend is happy with her kindle and I read in a TF300 tablet I bought in my last weeks
in Madrid.

I have read Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and The Lost World books, Odisea Two from Arthur C.
Clarke, first book of Asimov's Lucky Starr and two books from Matilde Asensi in this five weeks,
but I'm also finishing The Pragmatic Programmer, in the middle of The Vi and Vim Editors and starting
Android Development, I'm quite interested in the last one.

I need to spend my time in a practical way, reading and programming are some of the most
enjoyable ways for doing it for me. :-)

Javier Aguirre

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