It’s been a while since I wasn’t happy with Thunderbird, thinking it could be much better for me if I switch to a shiny command line email client, today was that day, I’m switching to Mutt. :-)

Although it wasn’t a bed of roses, I had to search a lot to have the perfect configuration I wanted. I started with this inspiring article I read last week, and I just started searching for this little but essential things I was missing.

My configuration is almost final now, I want to change some colours in the scheme, but that’s just fine tuning. I’m using offlineimap in the way Steve Losh recommends it, but I desisted from using msmtp for sending emails, I’m gonna use the native smtp support in Mutt and gpg encryption for the passwords.

For sending emails from different accounts or alternates, I spent some time until realising I needed to put the set reverse_name property because Mutt didn’t want to let me just change the From with my desired email address.

set reverse_name
set my_user = "[email protected]"
alternates [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
set smtp_url="smtp://$my_user:[email protected]/"

These are the most important changes I’ve done to have it like I wanted, if you want to configure it in a different way you could follow the links above. :-)