Developing Gramophone music server

It's been a while since I received my Raspberry PI and just a few weeks since I stopped paying my Spotify premium account.

Spotify it's a good service but the applications for GNU/Linux and Android aren't good enough. The Spotify app for Linux runs under
Wine and has some bugs such as losing the connection unexpectedly and not reconnecting again unless you rerun the app, sometimes the search bar
is not working, it uses a lot of resources (it's using Wine, so it's not a surprise) and sometimes crashes in dwm (I think this last problem has to be
with Wine, not with the Spotify app).

The Android app has a vertical layout, and that's it, so in my Android tablet it's a real pain, the natural position for my tablet when is placed somewhere is horizontal,
so this problem added with some usability issues made me decide to stop using the service.

I wanted to use a music server in my Raspberry PI to fulfill my needs of music at home, but the one I liked is subsonic and it's pretty heavy.
I was doing some research and I found some alternatives, but I wanted something simple. I love music and I have some free mondays so it's the perfect excuse
to start building a web music server for my RaspPI. :-)

I've called it Gramophone (I'm a romantic :-P ), it's built with Python3 and CherryPy, and the frontend is built with Backbonejs. The database now is Sqlite,
I want to install the less packages possible to run the server. For the audio plugin it's using audiojs, it's simple but it hasn't been updated for a long time,
so maybe in the future it could be a good idea to change it.

You could follow it's development in its github repository.

Javier Aguirre

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