New changes in Gramophone

News about Gramophone music server! We have done so many changes. I said us because I've joined forces
with Danilo Bragen, a highly skilled developer who had a similar project, but he was builting it
with Flash and jPlayer.

Due to his suggestions we moved from cherrypy to Flask. I really prefer Flask too,
but I wanted to have the less dependencies possible. I think the change is a good idea
since we both have experience with Flask and we both feel more comfortable with it.

We changed the Audio.js player too and we are using jPlayer now, which has more community,
supports much more file extensions and has a stable development.

Filters and searching for tracks, authors and artists are also available, and we have done a little
improvement in the design, although we need to work more on the frontend part and the update
collection task in the server.

You can follow the development in github.

Javier Aguirre

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