Google Font for jQuery Mobile Themeroller

This weekend I started to play with Phonegap + jQuery Mobile for a new project I'm developing. I never
have worked with it before, but I think it could be a good stack if we mix it with backbone and some other technologies,
so I'm gonna give it a try.

In my research I found Theme Roller, a very good service to customize
your jquery mobile theme, so I started using it and I realize it could be good to have google font support(among other things)
to use it in the preview.

This new functionality is based in the work they were doing before, I reused the font input, so if you add a google font
in the list of fonts(it has to be the first one in the list) and you click update font, it will preview your font in the swatches view and will
add it to your zip package when you download it.

For example if the fonts are Dosis, Arial, sans-serif it will try to add the Google
Font Dosis.

I made a pull request with this functionality and you can check it in my own copy of the project,
there is a demo too.

Feedback is much appreciated!

Javier Aguirre

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