Playing with Bootstrap tour, Anchors for navigation and onShown event

Today I have been finishing the integration of Bootstrap tour in our AngularJS application.
I was having a problem with navigation with the path element in the steps because they does not support
anchors for navigation, so I did a little pull request
to fix that to my needs.

The second problem I had was the position of popovers, I wanted to change it after it was shown
and I didn\'t found a good event to cover my needs in the documentation. Although checking the code
I fond an onShown event I'm using to fix the position of some of the steps. The solution would be
something like this.

var tour = new Tour({
    onShown: function (tour) {
        if(tour._current === 0 || tour._current === null) {
            //do something for the first step
        else if(tour._current == 4) {
            //do something for the fourth step

Javier Aguirre

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