After FOSDEM 2013

This year has been my first time at FOSDEM. I liked the experience but I think I could have enjoyed
it more with a community behind, I think this kind of event has more meaning when you are part of a FLOSS community,
otherwise you are not enjoying all that offers.

In general the focus of the conferences has been mobile development(Firefox OS and others) and I missed more Hardware content,
I am very interested in robotics and it would be good if talks about Open Hardware and 3d printers could have taken place,
I understand that's not anybody's fault, but I wanted to point it out.

FOSDEM has increased my interest in contributing in a big project, concretely Mozilla, I think there are a lot of interesting stuff to do
and learn there and it's a great place to improve skills as a developer.

I'm very interested in C++, It's a logical step for me, to start doing something with this language to be able to contribute in more different
and meaningful projects.

Good experience, I think we will repeat next year, hopefully. :-)

If you want more, Danigm has written much more and detailed than me in his blog(ES).

Javier Aguirre

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