Three months ago I installed a server in my place, a month ago I installed my own continuous integration service with Jenkins.

It’s the first time I’m using my own CI service and I couldn’t be happier, I’m saving time and money with this service even when I’m just alone in some of the projects. It helps me being much more careful with my projects and to keep a log of the projects status. I have it here listening in localhost, so It doesn’t have connection to the outside, when I want to see it from the outside I just create a ssh tunnel for that moment.

I have always been very interested in improving my development skills, usually learning new technologies, but I’ve been thinking how to save time and control it this last months and I’m very happy about it. Productivity is always an important matter for a freelance and a difficult one to measure if you don’t have certain discipline. That’s why I’m using Vimwiki and gtimelog every day to control it and create reports of the hours I’m working. My clients want to know too, so I could use the same tool for their reports.

I love the command line and gtimelog is GTK+, so I’m using a tweaked version from Reinout Van Rees to achieve that.