As some of you may know, I left Wadobo last month and started a new company based in The Netherlands, Taikoa. It was very nice to work with people as proffesional as Danigm and Edulix, we all share a vision how our company should be.

But this was a logical step for me, I wanted to focus more in my life here and I don’t plan to go back to Spain. You never know but we are so comfortable in our new place, I am in love with Delft, It’s a charming little city near cities with a shiny entrepeneurial and freelance life!

The things I value the most here are how people respect the work I do, the quietness of life and the transport, I love to use the bike for everything and the good quality of train service, the lack of stress when moving, It’s a big contrast from Madrid.

Going back to the company, I still work closely with Wadobo, everything is going very well.

I am gonna write about technical stuff in Taikoa Lab, leaving this blog for more personal matters and opinions.