We wanted to do something different to try new technologies, otherwise we get bored. Curious about Go, we gave it a shot.

I used holidays to read the Effective Go book among others, very nice to see what has Go inside and start with it.

I used the Revel web framework to start with a thin layer and build from it.

I have spent a few time with Go but I really like how interfaces work, the static typing, the goroutines, the defer statement and the channels.

For the frontend we are just using jQuery and Ducksboard’s Gridster.

The project is still in heavy development and solves a problem of mine, I want to have a small place where I could see the highlights of my daily life without having to browse different services(birthdays, agenda, Taikoa stuff…).

Dashpersonal is strongly influenced by Hubble and chocol.it dashboard.

Dashpersonal is released in Github, we will have a demo soon!