Hello, It’s me again.

I’ve been quite busy working in three different projects the last two months, for one of them I had to be in-house three days a week, so I was immersed in the project and the company itself.

This was a challenge, being working in a very big project with a big team. I refreshed some of my Drupal skills and learnt a lot about Apache Solr, which I didn’t really used much before that moment(only in my first job position and briefly I may say).

Last December I was working in refactoring a big amount of code from other project I got after It started. There weren’t no tests at all so I was quite blinded during the process, anyway It was fun to refactor others people code, you usually learn things and It’s a good chance to getting to know better the API of the technology you were using.

During my Christmas time in Spain I had the opportunity to read the Varnish book. I needed to improve performance in a project and this was a perfect place to use it. Varnish is pretty amazing, the performance benchmarks in the project improved a lot, but I realised we needed to improve our own code to make it more cache friendly for the future.