Actually ten months, but this has been already the best year of my career.

A lot of opportunities for active people here in NL, going to meetups got me in touch with several interesting people and getting to know a part of the development community, which is important to widen your network.

Going to a coworking space got me some other good opportunities too, I think these are nice places to work and collaborate. Libraries are nice too, but the internet connection is usually bad and you lose the social component.

Sending emails to companies or people you’d like to offer something concrete or want to get in touch to, you never know if they would be interested in you as well, this channel gave me my first project here.

I think is very important to share your knowledge online so people could know who you are and what you do, in any occupation. It’s obvious, but not all the people do it. I am not talking about having a portfolio, but something more detailed (Github, dribbble, pinterest, blog, etc).

Talking about legal stuff, It’s easy to work as a freelance here, and book keeping is much cheaper than in Spain. Taxes are easier to understand and you don’t have to pay a certain amount per month, just the BTW (IVA in Spain).

But not everything was perfect this year, I made some mistakes too, I know better now how not to behave in certain situations, keep my mind cold and think twice in certain matters.