This week I started a new prototype, and after thinking about using something new I decided to give React a try.

React is the View in MVC(that’s how they explain it) and can be used in the server (with Node) or in the client.

I’ve reading all the tutorials on their site, but I didn’t have time to read parts of their code yet, I guess when I am immersed in it I will.

I like several things about React, you could still use jQuery easily without the need of wrapping it(for example) like in AngularJS for example. The learning curve was easier for me and I really like the idea of reusable components instead of a controller per view. Of course you could reuse components in these other frameworks, but It seems cleaner for me in React.

The different functions they have in the components seems pretty straight forward, they have what they call a virtual DOM so they only load it to the real DOM when really necessary.

/** @jsx React.DOM */
var HelloMessage = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    return <div>Hello {}</div>;

React.renderComponent(<HelloMessage name="John" />, mountNode);

I am working on a bit more complex example, I will write about it later.

React was released by facebook.