I have to say when I saw the Kickstarter campaign I just thought “well, yet another blog platform”, but after checking it (even at early stages) It sells itself.

Ghost, a very nice interface and a very promising roadmap leaded by people you know It’s gonna do it.

The installation is easy if you know how npm and Node dependencies/tools works (and event without that), the administration backend, flawless and simple.

After checking it locally the platform got me, easy to use and maintain.

The migration from Jekyll was easy although I had to debug a bit the import code to check how they were doing the migration (what properties were they checking mostly). They have migration tools for other blogging platforms.

I am working in a second instance of Ghost now, It will be some kind of portfolio, It has been so easy to get how themes work I just wanted to play more with it.

I am looking forward to see the dashboard they want to build.

Ghost is still at a very early stage(0.4.1 last week), but even at this point is a very nice platform to work with.

The code of Ghost is hosted in Github