Last week I paid a very quick visit to Madrid.

I haven’t been there for two years, and I have to say I found everything more or less like when I left. For sure is my subjective opinion, I was in my known places most of the time, but Madrid is still that thrilling city with lots of things to do.

I also felt the stress, the dirtiness of some of their streets and the poverty of people. It’s a shame but I could feel in some places the decay of the city.

Although not everything is bad news, I am very happy with the growth of the entrepeneurial/technical community in Madrid these years, It seems to be more vivid than ever.

I had the opportunity to visit the new Impact Hub Madrid thanks to IronHack, It reminded me the good coworking places we have here in NL, unfortunately those didn’t exist in Madrid or where under construction when I was living there.

Nice trip, talking about interesting projects, meeting some of my friends and even having lunch in a great mexican restaurant! I miss them here, I haven’t found a good one yet. :-)