This week I’ve decided to switch to Emacs. These are my first impressions about the change when I’ve been less than 30 hours with it.

I have rounded the idea before, but my breakthrough came at FOSDEM with my good friend mgdelacroix, He convinced me of switching, but I was still a bit reluctant, I needed to dedicate a bit of time to the process.

Why the change? Configuration mostly, extensibility, no weird plugins written in this or that language, you know what you are gonna find in case you hack a package or create your own, a language that makes sense. No frozen editor while running an external process, everything is better integrated(package manager, terminal). Those are important features for a command line animal like me.

To retrieve my current packages I used Pallet, and Cask to install/update those packages. I am using some plugins, but I don’t know almost anything about them yet.

Only org mode and evil mode were essential for me at the beginning and also some language specific ones.

I’ve been reading the org mode manual and I love it! I am certainly gonna change my vimwiki for org mode, but I have small things to change for the transition, like my html report generator and a bit of work has to be done on that.

I am using evil-mode, because editing text is still faster using vim-like modal editing, and I don’t think I’ll ever switch off that feature.

Too much to learn again, but that’s fun!

UPDATE: After a very fruitful discussion with @joe_di_castro on Twitter I want to point out some questions:

It’s true you can install packages from emacs, but If you want to replicate your config you would need something like Cask or Quelpa.

Emacs is not perfect and It’s possible to freeze it. You could cancel a task with C-g, although it might be necessary to just kill the emacs process.