Last week we released the work we’ve been doing for two months on Selltag.

This new release is quite different from the previous ones, we have refactored a huge amount of buggy code into something more manageable, A big simplification of our previous codebase was more than necessary.

The technology backend is still inherited from the last version of Selltag, PHP and Symfony 2, which I like less than other stacks, but It gets things done anyway.

In this new stage we’ve developed a nice chat for our customers, this is maybe the part I enjoyed more this time, because I have to build a thin server API layer built with Go, a language I wanted to get my hands dirty with. I have done something with it before, but nothing production ready. We chose Go because It’s very easy to handle concurrency in the right way. I’ll write about it more later when I have time.

In the frontend part I used React.js for the chat client, I think is a pretty nice tool to build real-time user interfaces, and It’s easier to maintain than other tools because is simpler. I used it for a personal project before. The integration with Symfony Assetic was a pending task, but someone had the job almost done on Github, so I just had to fix some small bugs that pull request had.

Regarding documentation I have been playing with NelmioApiDocsBundle and created my own parser using our custom Entity metadata, I have a pending post about it too.

I reported an issue to symfony-docs among other small tasks, but this is insufficient for me, I need to plan some time a week to contribute to free software/open source again after this work peak, I’m happier that way.

We need to improve processes on Selltag after this new version, but we’ll get there soon, the first important goal was releasing it. :-)