H4ckademy workshop

Dec 4, 2015 min read

Last week I was in Madrid and I had the opportunity to contribute a bit to H4ckademy, a great iniciative from my friend Israel Gutiérrez.

H4ckademy is a 9 week code retreat working on open source projects, they have startups as partners providing mentorship, so as a student you are working on projects that have an impact in a company while you are improving, learning how they work.

I prepared a workshop about Event driven and service oriented architecture, using Golang and Coffeescript among other technologies. We also checked how we worked with It in real projects, like Selltag.

After the workshop I had the oportunity to check some of the projects and mentor about how to improve the code, deploying, ReactJS…

Here you have the presentation and the code of the workshop.