Save and Load requests in rest-client for Atom

Mar 16, 2016 min read

Some months ago I started to use the Atom editor and got deep into how the packages and themes work. After some months I moved back to Emacs and some of the contributions I started were left unfinished.

Since now I’m trying to finish the features I left behind, this past month I’ve worked hard on having a first version of the save/load requests feature for the rest-client package. A Rest client package for Atom developed by @ddavison.

I am happy to say we have now a first working version. :-)

In this version the user can save the current request to a collection of requests, so It could be retrieved after to be used again. The recent requests the user created are saved in a different collection too, both collections of requests are stored in two different files within the package.

Here there is a GIF on how this works.

A lot of improvements can still be made in this feature, the code and the UI, but since I moved back to Emacs my contributions to the package will probably slow down.

Header image by DavidAwad.