Back to my own editor war

Aug 22, 2016 min read

When I thought I was gonna keep using Emacs I realised I needed to overcome some performance problems that weren’t easy to fix. That made me start my research again.

With Emacs my main problem is the fuzzy search in helm-projectile, when you have a big project the search is very slow or it just hangs. I know I could do some profiling to get the real problem, but I ain’t have the time for it now. The linter is slow, the motion sometimes is slow too. I will probably tweak when the linter gets triggered.

I tried with Atom, actually I collaborate in two packages and have two syntax themes published, but:

  • The search is also slow sometimes.
  • Some packages just get broken, like ex-mode a week ago


  • the packages aren’t mature enough.


  • the motion transition is sometimes very slow.
  • the undo history sometimes gets broken

For now I’ve decided to give Sublime Text 3 a try, and I got my nice shortcuts working easily and fast within a day. The configuration is easy, the packages are mature and work well, I can do everything I needed from Sublime and I’m happy with it. :-)

Sublime solved my problems for now.