Rest-client for Atom, StrictSSL option

@watsonjon has implemented a StrictSSL option so It’s possible to use the rest client with self-signed certificates (handy for development), thank you! We’ve created a new minor version (1.1.0), you can get It in the Atom packages page or through the Atom editor.

Save and Load requests in rest-client for Atom

Some months ago I started to use the Atom editor and got deep into how the packages and themes work. After some months I moved back to Emacs and some of the contributions I started were left unfinished. Since now I’m trying to finish the features I left behind, this past month I’ve …

My two weeks using Atom

I’ve been using the Atom editor for a couple of weeks, to give it a try. I found it appealing, but not yet for the every day use. Here is why. The biggest problem I have are the bugs on vim-mode or related to it, you won’t be able to use ci} motions/modificators and I ended up using …